Hehehe…What will happen if I’m a tooth fairy?? I love kids and I know they love me too. I’ll sneak to their bedroom at night and used my magic tool to pick their tiny little teeth that they put under the pillow..


It’s me the Tooth Fairy!!

(I’m not good with editing ~poor me~)

So, do you know what is my magic tool?? Wait.. mmm.. let me find it in my magic bag first. It must somewhere inside it.




mmmm… ok, I found it!!




litter picker

The Little Picker

Why I’m using this?? Coz the little kids forgot to wash the tooth before they put it underneath the pillow. That’s why!!! hahahah…

Shyyy… Quiet please! I’m not done yet.

Before I flew to another house looking for another teeth, I’ll put some notes besides their little pillow. Then, when they woke up in the morning, there is a big smile on their faces.

note1963-2~I like money too!!~

Heheh.. awat I dok sibuk2 nak jadi tooth fairy nih??



sebab mamat ni lah..


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