Last night En Lan had a dinner with his collegues. It was an official event at his office. Usually, En Lan will help me to prepare dinner for me and kids (yeaay!) but of course not las night. Due to my L**iness (act I don’t like cooking), I just make a fried noodle for our dinner. Actually, I can just not do the cooking and give the kids bread and milo instead. Yet I remembered a friend of mine told me that, pretend that if you not give foods for your kids and they’ll die. Do you want them to die?? Of course not!!! So, do it or die!!! For now onwards, that will be the ultimate phylosophy of life. Do or Die.

We have a choice in life. We choose what we are, where we want to go, what we want to do. To be a better person, you must choose the good path in life. Choose a good friend to be friend with. Choose taht suits you best, not follow others. It is your life.

Aiks.. suddenly I become a motivator??! heheh … Never mind, a good start for the day perhaps.

A peace of mind…


p/s : Thats make me hungry!! Come on Adik, lets find something to eat for our breakfast!!

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